Stan Solo is a dedicated self – taught visual artist / art lector based in Prague, freelancing at full blast since 2017.

Among his satisfied clients can be found large companies like Luxor / Euromedia publishing and UNI / POSCA as well as small and local businesses, bars and restaurants whose walls were painted by him and many lovely individuals collecting his artworks.

After fulfilling his dream to make a living out of commissioned art and illustration he is now on the path to become known for his own work.

Shows and works:

2016 – exhibition within the Art Block Festival – cut through the previous work

2018 – participation at the Future Gate Festival group art show

2018 – participation in the comic book adaptation of the book from Karel Čapek – Povídky z Jedné a Druhé Kapsy – comic book Kapsy.

2019 – the Black Ink Order illustration triptych

2021 – The No Face illustration series

2022 – present – The No Face 2.0 illustration series