THE NO FACE series piece remembering the building at the street Soukenická 12 that was torn down illegally under the really questionable circumstances – without the authorisation of the preservationists.

The baroque classicist historical building was agreed by the preservationists to be demolished but the facade and the form factor of the building had to be preserved which did not happen. The building was not at that bad condition at the time and it’s reconstruction was possible.

The investors have been pushing an oversized building in place of the original one for 12 long years at that time. Three times the discision of rebuilding was canceled by court, when – all of a sudden – toxic chemicals were found somehow inside the building and it was torn down at October 2015 under the decision of the city office. This decision was canceled by the court a year later and indicated as illegal.

The portrait of Bára, simply named by the tag on the fence, is a picture of the building’s remainings – a couple of brick pillars and the metal fence, heavily tagged and holding a couple of parking signs with an empty space framed by side walls of surrounding buildings as background. The a-bit-off composition of the portrait is a metaphor for Bára’s illegal removal.

Backed with an original sample based soundtrack that I’ve composed in manner of a dirge, all done on my SP404mk2.

We keep losing our cultural heritage continuously because of greed of investors and city representatives for decades. Please be aware of that.

Done in watercolors on A1 museum – grade 300gsm acid – free cold – pressed paper.

Series of 11 fine HQ photo realistic A2 format prints available. Lowest numbers – 1/11 and 2/11 available exclusively at Delirium Gallery Athens.



Payment by bank transfer in advance