The pilot illustration from pre – The No Face series which is dedicated to anonymous portraiture. The likeness of portrayed person and / or situation is expressed with the symbolic of elements that voice the individual properties composing within the format with a mask centering the whole piece.
This one is an homage piece to the Goddess of a woman, precious Seven Solo. Divine femininity and caring of the lilly flowers feeding the colibri birds hangs from the white mask of the clarity of her soul. The revolver of third eye aims for the power and accuracy of her intuition. The glasses and gold are unseparable components of her personality.

Handpainted in acrylics and watercolor exclusively with airbrush over an original pencil drawn design on museum grade A1 format 300 gsm cold pressed cotton watercolor board.

Posters available in limited 11 piece run on A1 format archival poster paper printed with latex technology.

A2 / A1 print


Payment by bank transfer in advance